Beards are great.  They make a man look like a man, women (at least a lot of them) like a guy with a beard, and if you take care of them they'll take care of you.  But, anyone who has or had a beard at one point will tell you, not every day is a good beard day.

There will be those days when your beard, especially the side burn area, will not behave and run wild.  Carpeli has a way to combat that problem, with Carpeli Beard Balm.

Carpeli's handcrafted, natural beard balm works to tame those wild hairs that don't want to seem to calm down along with providing your facial hair the nutrients it craves.  Our beard balms off an economical way to give your beard the control it requires.

Grab a tin of Carpeli Beard Balm and don't forget our natural and handcrafted beard soaps and oils to keep your beard looking fresh all day long.



You've seen it, someone has a good looking beard but there's just something that's not right.  ..

15.0 USD

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