Our Story


Many, if not everyone, always ask one of two questions - "why did you decide to get into personal care?" and/or "where did you get the name from?"  

Well, first off, the name Carpeli is how it sounds when you say 'hair' in Italian - Capelli (or at least when people want to do the exaggerated Italiano accents).  Being that the original focus was on beards and facial hair in general, it was the perfect name. That's how the name was born. 

As for the other question, that's a little more complicated. It's no simple cut-and-dry answer. There are many ways to go about explaining the reasoning behind someone deciding, out of the blue, mind you, to start a grooming and personal care company knowing virtually nothing about the field.  Not knowing the difference between the store bought 'junk' the majority of people blindly buy and the more crafted counterparts that are usually very expensive for the budget conscious consumer. But, also the fact that there weren't that many things for men's grooming unless you scoured online for a while and waited a week to receive your shipment. 

We started doing research, reading up on natural ingredients that could be used in products that would be beneficial and actually help instead of potentially cause harm and we realized there were a ton. There were some simple ingredients that could easily be used by the large companies that could make a lot of difference but instead they choose to use harsh chemicals as cheaper replacements.  Consumers have gotten smart though and realized they wanted better from their products. Carpeli was wanting to provide that for them. 

Next was pricing. Sure, being a tiny company it's tough to offer competitive pricing when the billion dollar companies can sell for pennies on the dollar, but we decided early on that we don't need to out price the consumer and we can still make a profit to grow the business. Our philosophy is - 'make a premium product at an affordable price.'  We don't want to make it so high-end only a small amount of people can afford to buy our awesome stuff (we have a high-end line for that). So, we crunched some numbers...then crunched some more...then went back and double checked (cause sometimes math gets crazy) and came up with what we thought was a fair price all while offering quality products. And, we like giving discounts too, so the more you buy the cheaper the products get!  Win - win!

But, I guess the best reason, though, was we wanted to create something that could be enjoyed by many, constantly and consistently, throughout their entire lives. Whether you need beard, tattoo, skin, or hair care Carpeli has you covered!

All of our products are handcrafted using natural ingredients in small batches so the items you get are as fresh as you can find. Though the majority of our products have long shelf lives, we don't want to give you a product that's been sitting for too long.  We aim to ship efficiently so you can start using your products almost immediately. And, if you want our stuff in your local salons, barbers, or even stores then keep asking them to carry us so you can get quality even quicker.


OUR VISION - “a healthy world through beauty”

OUR MISSON - “revolutionize the personal care industry through quality and affordability”


Show INTEGRITY and HUMILITY in all we do.

Bring AWARENESS to the benefits of natural ingredients.

Provide QUALITY products and service.

GIVE BACK to the community and charitable organizations.