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Keeping your beard (or even your hair) clean is just as important as keeping it nourished.  Using the typical over-the-counter soaps and conditioners can gradually damage your hair and skin underneath, giving you an itching sensation that you may attribute to the beard (or scalp) itself. 

Carpeli™ has created conditioners to help combat the itchiness associated with the dry skin you experience when washing with standard soaps.  Our conditioners contain a moisturizing mix  which help to protect from dirt and bacteria without drying your skin or hair.  Our conditioners, when used 3 - 4 times a week, help to revive your beard or hair and give it a nice shine, the kind of look you want them to have.  Used in conjunction with Carpeli™ Beard Oils, your beard will enjoy the nutrients and protection it needs and deserves.

Carpeli™ Beard Conditioners, coupled with our beard oils and balms will help to get your beard to where it needs to be!


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