Carpeli Personal Care, Inc is happy to offer subscriptions to some of our products for your convenience.  Our subscriptions were created in order to allow our customers the option to receive our products without the worry of having to re-order each time.  With our subscriptions you will receive a different beard oil + soap bar combo every month for one convenient price.  You will be billed automatically depending on the frequency chosen until you cancel your subscription.  You may change or cancel your subscription at any time without penalty and there are no contracts or minimum that need to be met before cancellation.  Cancellations must be placed prior to shipment of next scheduled order.  Orders are shipped on the same day of the month (depending on frequency ordered) as initial subscription order.


  • New Item Each Time (based on subscription type)*
  • Subscriber Discounts
  • Free Shipping
  • Access to New Product Before General Public
  • Subscriber Gifts (restrictions apply)
  • And More!

*We choose a new beard oil and soap bar at random for each shipment in your subscription.  You will not receive the same oil twice in one subscription year.  You may receive a duplicate soap bar within one subscription year, but not within a 6-month period.

Carpeli Personal Care may, at times send gifts to our subscribers as well as new product for review.  Gifts can be at random and are not always a guarantee due to membership.  Only members in good standing will have the opportunity for special mailings.  There is no cost to the subscriber for special mailings.  Only valid in the United States of America.  Void where prohibited.
We reserve the right to alter or cancel any subscription at any time.  Misuse of the subscription may result in cancellation and non-refund of remaining contract balance.