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The biggest enemy to your new tattoo is dryness.  Carpeli™ has a way of combating itchy, drying skin with Carpeli™ Platinum Tattoo Lotion.  Made from high grade, natural ingredients our lotion works to moisturize and protect your skin from the harsh elements that can wreak havoc.  It is recommended to keep newly inked skin moisturized at all times in order to prevent unnecessary scabbing or scarring from improper care.


Caring for a tattoo means cleaning it properly.  Carpeli™ Platinum Tattoo Soap offers the best ingredients to help clean and maintain your tattoo for years to come.  Used regularly, our soaps can work to protect your new tattoo or revive your old ink that may look a little worn.  Our soaps are handcrafted and safe for use on freshly tattooed skin.

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