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Guys don't use scrubs to clean their face... or at least they don't admit it.  Until now.  When you use Carpeli™ Scrubs you don't have to hide the fact you're smart and know how to take care of yourself (chicks actually like that).

Carpeli™ Scrubs are specifically created with sensitive skin in mind.  Many of us are burdened by acne at least some point in our lives and Carpeli™ devised a way to combat that problem without harsh chemicals and abrasives. 

Carpeli™ Scrubs are made using natural ingredients specifically chosen to fight and prevent acne and blemishes.  Created to dig down deep and remove dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells to give your skin a fresh look you haven't seen in a while, without irritating your skin.

Our hand picked ingredients work to remove existing skin problems while assisting in preventing further complications caused by the daily tolls of life on the skin.

Try Carpeli™ Scrubs and let her see how clean and soft your skin feels after the first try.

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