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You work hard, your hands show it and your feet feel it.  That doesn't mean your significant other has to as well.

Yea, it may not be something you talk about with your buddies or co-workers.  You probably think you'd get made fun of but, guess what...  those same friends and co-workers feel the same way but guaranteed at least a few of them are doing something about it.

You don't have to worry though, Carpeli™ won't say anything.  In fact, we have something that will get everyone envious of you.  Our ingredients are specifically chosen to remove dead skin, dirt, and bacteria while moisturizing and promoting new skin growth, protecting your skin from free radicals.

Carpeli™ Hand+Foot Scrubs are your answer.  Our scrubs work to remove the dead skin cells that cause calluses and rough spots revealing the smooth, healthy skin underneath that your significant other looks for.  Stop roughing them up and start taking care with Carpeli™ Hand+Foot Scrubs.

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