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Soap is essential in getting yourself clean and free of dirt and bacteria and there's nothing better than using soap with natural ingredients to help protect your skin and hair. 

Carpeli™ Soaps are just that, all-natural soap made with goat's milk to help keep skin moisturized and ready for the day.  Handcrafted with a selection of nourishing and beneficial ingredients, our soaps are sure to get you feeling great.

Carpeli™ Soaps were designed with sensitive skin, beards, and tattoos in mind.  "Wait, you can use them for your beard AND skin?!"  You're damn right you can.  We specially make our soap to help protect just about any part of your body you want to clean.  Try it out for yourself and see why our soaps are far superior to any other bar you've used.

Our soaps are great when accompanied by our full line of grooming and tattoo products to make the best you!

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