From the time you get your tattoo till the day you die your tattoo is counting on you to take care of it.  Proper aftercare is essential to your tattoo's survival and longevity.  Carpeli™ Tattoo Products work to heal your tattoo quicker and sustain it's color along with keeping your new work clean and free from bacteria.
From cleansing to protecting, Carpeli™ Tattoo Products are perfect from start to finish.

Tattoo Oil - Carpeli™ tattoo oils work to heal new tattoos and is crucial to giving your tattoos lasting color and depth.  Our oils can also work to bring older tattoos back to life by infusing the colors, brightening them and making them look just like new.

Tattoo Balm - Protects your tattoo from the elements while letting your new tattoo breath.  Our natural balms both help to heal your new tattoos sooner and bring to life old, dull tattoos. 

Tattoo Lotion - Much like the Tattoo Balm, our lotion works to protect your healing tattoo while keeping your skin moisturized which is critical to your tattoo's health.  A thinner texture than the balm, they work alike to preserve your artwork.

No matter the stage of your tattoo(s) Carpeli™ Tattoo Products work to keep your art looking good for a lifetime.

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