Caring for a tattoo is more than just keeping it clean.  A large part, and one of the key parts, is keeping your tattoo moisturized.  Many of the over-the-counter lotions on the market today can actually worsen the healing process due to the chemicals in them.  Carpeli™ has created a safe lotion that will help the healing process go quicker and keep your tattoo from drying out.

Our handcrafted, natural tattoo lotions have anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties which keep your new tattoo healthy all while allowing it to continually moisturize.

When used regularly, Carpeli™ Tattoo Lotion can help to properly heal your tattoo quicker* than with other over-the-counter brands.

*Tattoos heal at different rates based on proper care and outlying conditions.  Always seek medical attention if something looks abnormal.  Some minimal scabbing will occur (this is normal).  DO NOT pick at or remove scabs.  This could damage the tattoo.

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