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You're ready to get a new tattoo and you've got your image ready to go.  You go to the shop and the artist sits you down and begins the work.  A couple of hours later he's done and you got a badass tattoo.  You admire it in the mirror as the tattoo artist reminds you to keep the tattooed area clean and free of obstruction.  But, that's not all you need to know.  What happens when you start itching?  Or, what if blood starts seeping through the tattoo?  Both are somewhat common, but they don't have to be.  Introducing Carpeli™ Tattoo Oils.

Carpeli™ Tattoo oils are a great first impression for your new tattoo.  Made with natural ingredients chosen to help heal wounds (cause technically that's what a tattoo is) while protecting from dirt, debris, and bacteria our tattoo oils are a great starting point to get a beautiful, long lasting tattoo.  Proper aftercare is essential to your tattoo's survival and longevity so make sure you choose the right product.

Not only do our tattoo oils work great on new tattoos, they also work to rejuvenate existing tattoos, helping bring vibrancy back making it look new again. 

Be sure to grab all of your tattoo essentials including Carpeli™ Soap Bars, created with sensitive skin in mind, as well as Carpeli™ Tattoo Balms and Lotions to get your tattoos looking good for a very long time.



Tattoo Oil.  What is it?  It's simple, really.  Carpeli™ Tattoo Oil is a blend of nou..

30.0 USD

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