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Imagine looking at your tattoo ten years later and it looks just like you got it a week ago.  Bright, clean lines, and full of life.  You must have used Carpeli® the First 48 Tattoo Oil.  You began applying it day one and hadn't stopped since.  You may not be applying it as much as you used to, but thanks to the fast acting formula of our tattoo oil, your tattoo heals properly and won't require much once fully healed.

Getting a new tattoo involves more than selecting a cool design and figuring out where to put it.  Not only do you have to find a good artist to give your image life, you need to plan on how to take care of that tattoo from the moment it is put in your skin.  

Tattoos are essentially an open wound and protecting if from the start will give a lifetime benefits.  Help your tattoo keeps its design and color brightness while minimizing scabbing with Carpeli® Tattoo Oils.  Used regularly, you can count on our oils to deliver the defense your tattoo needs to fight off bacteria and infection.

Our tattoo oils aren't only useful with new tattoos, they can be used to on existing ones in order to bring life back.  Our oils absorb into the skin, moisturizing and bringing the color out of what may have faded.  Grab a bottle today and start seeing a difference.




Protecting New Tattoos, Brightening Existing Tattoos

Infusing Vital Nutrients, Quicker Healing

1 oz

Sunflower, Olive, Calendula, Vitamin E, Natural Oil Blend

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the First 48 Tattoo Oil

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